About the Company

The Advertising Agency B2B Promotion is a professional  BTL agency that  gives a full complex of services in planning and carrying out BTL – campaigns, PR and Event – actions, and also constantly replenishing list of new methods of advertizing in territory of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad region.

History of Creation

There has been created  a BTL – division of Advertising Bureau Insite  In 2003. Gradually getting hand in, the command of this division successfully realized more than 650 advertizing projects. Progressing and developing, in March, 2010 BTL – the division has outgrown in the independent company – B2B promotion.
For 8 years of work the agency command became the present command of professionals of such a special part of business as BTL. A huge circle of clients has been turned out, both big and small projects, with absolutely different but always interesting programs has been carried out. For today, The Advertising Agency B2B Promotion is one of the largest players on the market of the advertizing, rendering BTL-services.
Advertizing from B2B promotion it always qualitative, timely and the trustworthy information delivered personally in hands to your potential buyer and persuading him to buy your goods immediately.

The company purpose

Professionally rendered services  to the clients  satisfied with result wishing to continue to cooperate with us and recommending our company to others.


We precisely know that our clients are interested in qualitative promotion of production. Therefore the basis of our activity is professionalism in granting of qualitative services. We work for our Clients have been assured that having chosen The Advertizing from B2B promotion, they have chosen the best BTL – agency of Kaliningrad.

Values of the company

The client
Clients are the center where our  activity is concentrated. We always understand the purposes and problems of our clients, and we offer the best variants of decisions. Satisfaction of requirements of our Clients and long-term cooperation – supreme value of The Advertizing from B2B promotion.

We work for the sake of achievement of common aims, building our work on corporate values. In all our projects we are one command.

Our employees are our fixed capital. We constantly develop professionalism of our employees. We appreciate competence, an upright attitude to the duties and active participation in company life.

Relations with our partners are based on mutual trust and cooperation in achievement of overall aims.

Our reputation is our pride, pride of the decent people responsible for the business they are doing  with a soul.

Nothing except the mint can make money without advertising.

Thomas B. Macaulay